Travel fare

To pay for Dutch public transport, we recommended an anonymous “OV Chip kaart”. This is a card that you swipe both when entering and when leaving the bus, tram, metro or train. The OV Chip kaart is like the Oystercard used in London, but nation-wide. For the bus, tram and metro, it is also possible buy a ticket at the driver when boarding. Single train tickets can be bought at the ticket machines at the railway station.

A one-off OV Chip Kaart can be bought, commonly with a 1 euro surcharge. Alternatively, for 7,50 euros you can buy an anonymous card that can be charged multiple times. An OV Chip card can be bought at most-any trainstation, or at the airport. A train ticket from Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam CS is just under 4 euros. When traveling by train with an OV Chip Kaart, you are to have a 20 euro deposit on your card. This is not required when you buy a single ticket. For more information, we recommend the OV-chipkaart for tourists website.

If you forget to check out
If you have swiped OV Chip kaart when entering public transport, but forget to swipe when leaving, your travel fare may triple. In such cases, refunds can be negotiated at the public transport company.

Tourist card
The I Amsterdam City Card may be an option if you decide to stay a few more days. This card allows you free access to major museums and attraction, free public transport, and more.